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PowerDot Partners with Adapt Functional Movement Center

PowerDot Partners with Adapt Functional Movement Center

Adapt Functional Movement Center Partners with PowerDot, Inc. to Open Cutting-Edge Neuromuscular Stim Lab

The lab services to aid people from around the world experiencing neurodegenerative diseases and injuries 

Carlsbad, CA – Aug. 21, 2019 – Two innovative organizations in Carlsbad have formed a collaboration to help people with movement disabilities live better -- at the touch of a button. 

Adapt Functional Movement Center, a unique 501(c)3 nonprofit rehabilitation facility, will launch a new Neuromuscular Stimulation Lab on Tuesday, Sept. 3 in partnership with PowerDot®, Inc., a Carlsbad-based technology company that has created the world's first Smart Muscle StimulatorTM. The PowerDot device is an electric muscle stimulator (EMS) that uses electrical signals at higher hertz rates to stimulate muscle fibers to contract. These muscle contractions increase blood flow, nutrient distribution, and can recruit more muscle fibers than a standard warm up or workout. This can lead to improved recovery, decreased muscle pain, and overall strength enhancement. 

“We serve a specialized population of individuals who experience day-to-day complications due to their movement disabilities,” says John Monteith, founder and executive director of Adapt Functional Movement Center. “Since our inception we’ve been searching for the right collaboration which would allow us to integrate electrical stim into all of our programs in order to better support our members. Partnering with PowerDot on our new Neuromuscular Stim Lab will help us deliver better results for our members, ultimately enabling them to live more fulfilled and capable lives.” 

The innovative lab will provide muscle stimulation treatments to assist with nervous system activation, neuroplasticity, neuro-muscular re-education, reduction of spasm & tone, improve circulation and a host of other benefits for Adapt members. With PowerDot’s medical platform, Adapt consultants can deliver remote programs in addition to the services performed in clinic. 

This gives Adapt’s members the opportunity to take their care home with them, providing additional flexibility and acceleration in the recovery patients need. Controlled by a mobile application, PowerDot is the most portable and easy-to-use electrical stimulation device currently on the market, and can be used anywhere and anytime. The device comes with reusable pads, minimal wires, a sleek portable case and is TSA-friendly. 

Adapt members are encouraged to push boundaries, be independent, and be social. Because of its portability, PowerDot’s stim therapy can be performed on the go. “Whether I’m at the center, traveling or in the comfort of my home, PowerDot has truly changed my recovery,” says Melanie Monteith, co-founder and managing director, Adapt Functional Movement Center. Melanie was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in 2004 and has used Neuromuscular stimulation regularly for 10 years. “Our members with MS or other neurodegenerative conditions will get to experience PowerDot’s benefits coupled with Adapt’s ever evolving relationship-centric services and vision.” 

New lab equipped with PowerDot tech makes treatment accessible

The 150-square-foot Neuromuscular Stim Lab will offer Adapt members NMES services. Neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) of muscles can be used to attempt to restore or replace function in individuals who have motor neuron damage from varying injuries and conditions seen here at Adapt. Backed by research and science NMES can play an integral part in the recovery equation to regain neuromuscular function. The Stim Lab offers a comfortable personalized experience in our private treatment rooms that accommodate most injuries, diagnoses or movement related disorders. Whether looking to restore function, re-educate muscles or prevent decline the NMES has many proven applications to address each individual's needs. Members will receive therapeutic treatment using PowerDot devices in a tranquil and open environment. 

“We’re proud to partner with a social enterprise like Adapt which is paving the way in paralysis recovery,” says Eric Glader, co-founder and CEO, PowerDot, Inc. “Our team is excited to continue our journey with Adapt to bring the comfort and flexibility of our treatments to those in need, wherever they may need it.” 

With this new lab, Adapt takes another step forward in changing the norm for rehabilitation and recovery, complementing their center that provides a comprehensive approach to mental, physical and social healthcare services for those with movement disabilities. Neurodegenerative diseases and injuries require electrical stim as a staple in paralysis recovery. Compared to other existing, legacy products in the stim and Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) space, PowerDot’s cutting-edge technology increases portability and flexibility for the user, making treatment more convenient. When coupled with the one-on-one personalized activity-based training and functional movement sessions focusing on strength, coordination, balance, and gait training, PowerDot can help stimulate muscular blood flow, help enhance muscular strength and power, reduce muscular pain and improve psychological recovery. By housing these modalities and services under one roof, Adapt and PowerDot remove these barriers to provide better and easier access to care. 

For more information on the new Neuromuscular Stim Lab featuring PowerDot please call Adapt Functional Movement Center at (760) 688-7323 or visit

About Adapt Functional Movement Center Founded in 2017 by John and Melanie Monteith, Adapt Functional Movement Center is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization providing a complete recovery and rehabilitation experience for individuals locally and internationally with movement disabilities due to neurodegenerative conditions and injuries, including multiple MS, multiple sclerosis (MS), amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), traumatic brain injury (TBI), cerebral palsy (CP), Parkinson's disease, spinal cord injury (SCI), transverse myelitis (TM), and spina bifida. Since its beginning, Adapt has supported 100 unique members from over 10 different countries, including Canada, Mexico, Germany, Egypt, Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, England, Lebanon, Netherlands, Slovakia, and Thailand. In its first year, the Adapt Scholarship Fund distributed $100,000 worth of free services to members in need of its services. For more information on Adapt, please call (760) 688-7323 or visit Follow Adapt on Facebook and Instagram

About PowerDot PowerDot is the world's first mobile and wearable smart muscle stimulation device; a powerful training and recovery tool that puts the therapeutic benefits of EMS (electronic muscle stimulation) at your fingertips. EMS uses electrical impulses to cause the contraction of targeted muscle groups. Used by elite athletes, professional trainers and physical therapists for decades, PowerDot now brings the proven benefits of EMS to everyone seeking increased performance, faster recovery, and enhanced overall health. Linked to your Apple or Android smartphone with a dedicated app, PowerDot is an easy-to-use wireless system optimized for the modern mobile lifestyle. To learn more, please visit and Follow us on Instagram & Facebook.