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Joe Holder's 5 tips to a healthier 2019

Joe Holder's 5 tips to a healthier 2019

We sat down with PowerDot athlete and Nike Master Trainer Joe Holder, to get his top 5 tips to a healthier 2019. Joe is a trainer and athlete who goes beyond just the physical portions of health and wellness. As an advocate for nutrition and self-care, Joe dives deeper than just physical activity and touches on the importance of digestive health, emotional health, and even nutrition. Read more below. 


Focus on behaviors instead of tools. PowerDot or any other tool for that matter will only work if you invest in changing yourself first and focusing on your behaviors.


Improve your digestion. I know this is a bit of an umbrella, but food is only as good as your body's ability to extract nutrients from it. Eat mindfully, chew your food, don't eat too close to bedtime--simple things go a long way.


Invest in your emotional health. There's a strong feedback loop between your emotions and physical responses in the body and vice versa. Don't be afraid to be vulnerable and take care of yourself emotionally just as you seek to do physically.


Increase your fruit and vegetable intake, cut back on processed foods, and please drink more water


Build a team around you to create a structure for your best success. None of the top athletes do it alone and neither can you. Create your team for best results.