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PowerDot Smart Muscle Stimulation

The perfect solution for your aching body

Much like the Theragun & Hypervolt, the increasingly popular massage guns, PowerDot provides the body with massaging relief from everyday aches and pains. Utilizing clinically proven EMS technology the PowerDot activates muscle fibers and stimulates nerves to improve circulation, speed up muscle recovery, relieve pain, and improve overall athletic performance. Making PowerDot the perfect tool for any individual looking to optimize human performance.

What makes PowerDot different is the mobile app experience. Every PowerDot comes equipped with a free mobile app that not only acts as the control center for all programs, but is also packed full of education on how to further optimize your life. From pad placements guides, to forums, and a news feed, you are given all the tools you need to succeed and push your performance to the next level.

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Customer Testimonials


Game Changer

The powerdot 2.0 duo is easily the best performance purchase and recovery purchase I have made this year or ever. Makes recovery and extended strength programs convenient with its functionality and mobility. I’m a busy person and truly don’t have the time to sit still to achieve most of these things and powerdot has made this possible and far exceeded my expectations.


PowerDot DUO

Love it. Lots of options for different uses and activities during your day. Not just for athletes but for your everyday desk jockey that needs it for your back and neck. Amazing!!!


The real deal

This is the real deal. Purchased the product mainly as a recovery tool for cycling. I have been using for about a week and truly have felt the difference on the next day ride after recovering using the PowerDot.


More than I expected

I was skeptical at first, but so glad I invested in this product. After 2 days of intense bicycle racing, I was stoked to have this in the bag for a speedy recovery. Definitely recommend it if you are a athlete that likes to push the limits!


Love it!

Ive been using it daily since a month in addition to my regulars exercises and it’s been helping a lot!


Convenient. Innovative. Effective.

I am really big on recovery, especially as I age, live, and promote a healthy lifestyle. The PowerDot allows for to conveniently take action in a effective way in aiding my recovery. I get massages regularly and attend stretch therapy, and PowerDot is now a wonderful addition to my regular recovery toolbox. I love this product and recommend it everyone.

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