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Don’t let tightness and soreness slow you down. Feel better faster with PowerDot. Designed for everyone and everybody, PowerDot uses gentle, scientifically backed, FDA-cleared electronic muscle stimulation (EMS) to gently contract muscles, get the lymphatic system flowing and create blood flow in the areas you target. Getting your muscles moving and blood flowing with EMS helps your body to start to rebalance and reduce discomfort, tightness, stiffness and weakness.

Feel better, whenever

PowerDot is lightweight, portable and easy to use, so you can ease tension on the go, anywhere you go.

Take control of your recovery

PowerDot uses the same pain-free, effective and proven technology physical therapists use to treat their patients and puts it safely in your hands.

Ease everyday aches and pains

Loosen up muscles and ease chronic stiffness, and help prevent injuries and tears, with gentle muscle stimulation.

Wellness Programs

Target the areas you want to help and start on the path to feeling better faster with customizable wellness programs on the PowerDot mobile app.

Massage | 20 minutes

Increase blood flow and circulation to decrease soreness, stiffness and everyday aches.
Use anytime, anywhere, at your convenience.