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The Injury Bundle

Dhs. 1,073.00

LIMITED TIME OFFER - LIMITED TIME OFFER - Our best-selling option for injury rehabilitation comes equipped with a PowerDot 2.0 UNO in either red or black and 6 months of extra pads (3 sets). If you are looking for at-home natural pain relief and injury rehabilitation, this is the option for you.  Read more...

PowerDot® is the world's smartest muscle recovery & performance tool. The Smart Muscle Stimulator connects via Bluetooth® to an intuitive mobile app that controls 10+ muscle stimulation programs designed to help you:

  • Recover faster
  • Massage out knots
  • Avoid training fatigue
  • Relieve muscle & joint soreness
  • Increase muscle strength & endurance
  • Increase blood circulation
  • Warm up muscles to prevent injury
  • Feel your best

    Clinically proven, pain-free, and FDA cleared - It’s that simple.

    For more information on muscle stimulation Click Here

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    In The Box

    Our most popular option, The Starter Bundle comes with a PowerDot 2.0 DUO plus (3) sets if replacement electrode pads. For the average user this supply will last 6 months and over 3,000 minutes of stimulation.


    • 2x PowerDot Pods
    • 1x Electrode Pads
    • 2x Set of Lead Cables
    • 2x Micro USB Charger
    • Durable carrying case
    • Instruction Manual
    • Free Mobile App Download

    6 Months of Pads

    • 3x Sets of Pads
    • To get you started on your journey we are throwing in three extra sets of pads