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#6: TENS vs NMES

#6: TENS vs NMES

What is my electric muscle stimulator doing for me?

With so many TENS and NMES devices on the market how do you chose the right one? And what is the difference between TENS vs NMES? At first glance, all types of electric muscle stimulation may seem similar. The good news here is PowerDot packs both these different technologies into one sleek device powered by an app on your smart device, eliminating the guessing game with TENS vs NMES. 

A very common type of electric muscle stimulator available for personal and clinical use is a TENS unit. TENS is the most universally known modality of electrical muscle stimulation but typically found as low cost over the counter devices that are not FDA cleared. Used widely for pain relief, TENS sends a series of electrical pulses across the skin and along nerve strands. These electrical pulses distract the brain from the pain signal, according to the Gate Control Theory. The Gate Control Theory of Pain says that non-painful stimulus or input closes the “gates” to the Central Nervous System, preventing it from feeling any pain. TENS also stimulates an endorphin release, which likewise mitigates pain.

Here at PowerDot we've taken the traditional out-dated technology of TENS and pushed the envelope. Introducing Smart TENS™ - a revolutionary new way to relieve pain. Simply select the area in pain, confirm the type of pain (chronic, acute, injury related, etc), and set your pain score or tolerance. Our proprietary algorithms take this information and create a specialized program designed to relieve the pain. You are then able to track your individual pain score per body part over time. 

NMES on the other hand (often referred to as EMS) stands for NeuroMuscular Electrical Stimulation, and uses electrical signals at higher Hz rates to stimulate muscle fibers. This technology is widely accepted by trainers, olympians, and elite athletes. Typically utilized in conjunction with training or post session for speeding up recovery, flushing out lactic acid, and increasing oxygenated blood flow.

PowerDot's 10+ Smart NMES programs are designed to stimulate both Type I and Type II muscle fibers to cause muscle contractions. These muscle contractions increase blood flow as well as nutrient distribution, and additionally can recruit more muscle fibers than a standard warm up or workout. This recruitment of muscle will help the body to recover faster, increase muscular strength and endurance, and reduce the risk of muscular injuries.

Now that you know the difference between the two types of programs you can utilize the correct programs within the PowerDot app to fulfill your needs. Whether your use case is to speed up recovery, improve strength & endurance, relieve pain, or just massage away tension after a long day, PowerDot is your go-to muscle recovery & performance tool. 

Being that both TENS and NMES have their benefits we found it crucial to insure we incorporate both styles of electric muscle stimulation and improve them with Smart NMES & Smart TENS capabilities. Stay on track with your goals and be a better version of yourself, and above all, make sure whichever device you go with is tested and FDA cleared.

GOOD NEWS: PowerDot is an FDA cleared NMES & TENS device. So, if that is what you are looking are in the right place! Shop Now