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Smart Recovery™

PowerDot® is not your ordinary recovery tool. Built around a smart mobile app, the device learns about your activities and provides custom recovery programs to help you recover faster, more effectively, and relieve your pain. By connecting to popular fitness apps, PowerDot is able to guide you through personalized recovery as if you had your own personal trainer by your side.


A connected experience

The PowerDot app connects with Strava, Garmin, & Apple Health to analyze your activities in realtime. When you complete a workout or activity PowerDot will recognize the activity and notify you that a recovery session has been scheduled. These programs are specific to your needs, guiding you through pad placement, and are aimed to maximize recovery so you get the most benefit from the activity without feeling overly fatigued or sore.

No health apps, no problem

If you aren’t currently using any third-party health apps, worry not. PowerDot’s Smart Recovery feature also allows you to input basic information that can then guide you through similar protocols. By providing the app with the type of workout, workout duration, and workout intensity – PowerDot can then build a protocol specific to your needs.

Keep an eye on your progress

It doesn’t stop at just smart recommendations. The PowerDot App will also keep a log of your sessions so you can review your progress over time. This way you can go back and see exactly what you were doing when you hit that PR, won that big event, or just felt your best.




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